why are you guys still following me here??? omfg inbox me if you want my new url xoxoox

2 years ago on 05/28/12 at 01:29pm

why does this even have more the 1,000 followers omfg just follow me on my other blog omfg

2 years ago on 11/22/11 at 07:42pm

ugh i think that i have to use this blog again until i can post on my other blog like ugh that is stupid

3 years ago on 05/06/11 at 11:34pm

Hi if you’re following my other blog I just wanted to let you know that I can’t post anything and I think it’s the jefferson starships’ fault

3 years ago on 05/06/11 at 11:31pm

leave a message in my ask if you want my new url

3 years ago on 04/02/11 at 12:09pm

viridianaelizabeth asked: Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! send me a link of where you got the audio of Darren Criss' Teenage Dream on The Seven Version?!


um i have this downloader thing that downloads videos so i dont have a link

3 years ago on 04/01/11 at 05:29pm


3 years ago on 03/30/11 at 08:14pm

okay idgi why would you guys follow this blog if you dont even ask for my new url

3 years ago on 03/29/11 at 08:49pm


3 years ago on 03/29/11 at 04:26pm

probably the last time to get my url


3 years ago on 03/28/11 at 09:13pm